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At APM we deliver job seeker, disability, workplace health, NDIS support and home assessment services to thousands of Australians every year.

We are Australia’s largest provider of Disability Employment Services with a proven track record of helping people with an injury, illness or disability to successfully find work.

We are the trusted provider of the government’s Disability Employment Services in more regions across Australia than any other organisation.

APM people are highly qualified, dedicated, caring and approachable. Our personalised approach means we understand and respect your individual needs.
Through our Employment Services teams we help individuals find meaningful employment and businesses to recruit and retain a diverse and valuable workforce.

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Aim Big Employment

At AimBig, we’re an employment services provider who’s here to make a bigger difference in your life. Our purpose statement sums it up “Empowering lives together”.

If you are unemployed or have a disability and are looking to find work, we can help you secure, maintain and thrive in a job that’s right for you. And if you’re  an employer looking to diversify your workforce, we can find and place your next great recruit.

Over the past years, we’ve helped thousands of Australians improve their lives with our collaborative, inclusive, and personalised approach. With our evidence-based methodology, innovative thinking and best practice, we connect job seekers with the right opportunities.

Lifeline Financial Resilience Program

Lifeline Darling Downs & South West QLD ltd provides a financial resilience program as a free service. This program offers individual appointments, face to face, or via phone and financial resilience group workshops.

Financial resilience workers will build people’s capacity to understand their financial situation and the ways in which credit works, assist them to develop and maintain budgets, undertake straightforward negotiations with creditors, link people with specialist support services (e.g. gambling help, drug and alcohol services) and assist them to access low cost financial products such as no interest loans.

If you would like to book an appointment please contact head office on 1300 991 443 and Lifeline will arrange a time to visit the Murilla Community Centre for your appointment.

Busy At Work

Our commitment is: We want to place the right people in the right roles. It’s as simple as that. We will work not just for you, but with you.


As a not-for-profit organisation, profits from The BUSY Group’s services directly support community initiatives.

These initiatives comprise of various special projects which aim to support socially disadvantaged individuals overcome barriers in engaging with the community, gaining training opportunities and eventually taking the step to gaining employment.


Youth InSearch

Youth Insearch is Australia’s leading peer-led youth intervention organisation, dedicated to supporting at-risk youth. 

Our vision: All young people have a safe space to heal and thrive.

The Youth Insearch program consists of two core components:

  1. Weekend Workshops
  2. Community Support

Community support includes weekly support groups, peer-to-peer support, case management, and mentoring.


Lincoln Wagner Optometrist

Lincoln is a Qualified and Registered Optometrist with over 37 years clinical experience. Lincoln has been working in the Darling Downs for 35 years, including owning and operating his own clinic.

Using the latest technology (Retinal Imaging), Lincoln can test your vision and monitor the health you of your eyes.

Visiting Miles on a monthly basis. Operating out of the Murilla Community Centre. Consultations are bulk billed.

Free Retinal Photos

​To book an appointment please contact the Murilla Community Centre:

(07) 4627 2027

Rural Child Health

Rebecca Bradshaw is a rural woman, mother, wife and the founder of Rural Child Health. Her mission is to help mothers to thrive, not just survive through motherhood and all its unique challenges. 

As a registered nurse, clinical nurse, child health nurse, and nurse navigator, she has dedicated nearly two decades to helping rural and isolated mothers throughout their parenthood journeys. Rebecca wants to bridge the gap and provide exemplary care, lend support and provide guidance without families needing to travel hundreds of kilometres to access it. 

Rural Child Health is a holistic and all-encompassing approach to clinical parenthood navigation, with customised strategies that work for families, with proactive steps towards creating a happy and safe family environment.

Lives Lived Well

The team can help you to break the cycle of problematic alcohol or drugs, regain control of your life and reach your potential to enjoy a full and rewarding life.

We provide:

  • individual on-site counselling
  • phone counselling to people all over Queensland, including remote and regional areas (Monday to Friday phone 1300 727 957).
  • group counselling sessions.
  • Free, flexible one-on-one counselling and group sessions are available through our range of Service Hubs located across.

We work with you to identify if you have a problem with drugs or alcohol, its extent and what’s behind it. We then support you and give you the tools to manage, reduce or stop your alcohol or drug misuse.

Worried about a family member or friend who is misusing drugs or alcohol? We can provide you with support so that you feel better placed to cope and support your loved one. Sometimes just talking to someone who doesn’t know the person, can help.

Rural Financial Counsellor

Our Mission – “Assisting rural people to identify ways to become self-reliant and better equipped to manage change and adjustment”

Rural Financial Counselling Service Southern Queensland (RFCS-SQ) provides free, impartial, confidential and responsive rural financial counselling services across Southern Queensland.

Through the Rural Financial Counselling Service Programme (RFCS), we support and assist eligible farmers, fishers, forest growers, harvesters and small related rural businesses who are experiencing financial hardship.

The RFCS Programme in Queensland is funded by the Australian Government and the Queensland Government.


TASC is a not for profit organisation that delivers legal, advocacy, psychology and counselling services across Toowoomba, Ipswich, Roma and parts of the Southern Downs and South West Queensland.

TASC’s services are available to the vulnerable and marginalised members of our communities. We assist and provide access to services to people in our regional, rural and remote communities who are financially disadvantaged; who have a disability and/or mental illness; people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds; people experiencing or at risk of domestic or family violence and members of our communities over the age of 65.

TASC is dedicated to the cause of Social Justice and our values, actions and efforts focus on our Vision of Social Justice for All.