No Interest Loan Scheme

The No Interest Loan Scheme (NILS) provides individuals and families on low incomes access to safe, fair and affordable credit.
No Fees – No Charges – No Interest

Loan amounts are up to $1500 for essential goods and services such as fridges, washing machines or car repairs. Loans cannot be used for cash, bond, rent arrears, debt consolidation, holidays or bills.

Once your application is approved, repayments are set up at an affordable amount over 12 – 18 months.
No Credit checks are made as this is a program based on trust and respect.
Funds are recycled back to future applications in your community.

With manageable repayments and a respectful assessment process conducted by an accredited NILS officer, NILS works through a process of circular community credit. When a borrower makes a repayment to NILS, funds are then available to someone else in the community.

Please call (07) 4627 2027 to make an appointment or enquiry with our dedicated NILS officer.

You can also visit the NILS website –

To get started with your NILS enquiry, please fill out the form below

NILS document checklist

To help us process your loan enquiry please try and provide as much information as possible

Personal Documents:

  • Current Health Care Card or Pension Card
  • Centrelink income statement
  • Payslips from recent work – 3 weeks
  • 3 months of bank statements for all of your accounts
  • Copy of your lease – showing your address and how long you have been at the property

Household Bills (Most recent)

  • Rent receipt, mortgage statement, statement of rental payments
  • Gas account
  • Electricity account
  • Water or Rates notice
  • Phone account – land-line and/or mobile
  • Credit card statements
  • Information about any other outstanding accounts – laybuys, rent to own, hampers etc

You must supply us with a written quote/invoice for the item you would like to purchase.