Community Housing

Murilla Community Centre assists with identifying the housing needs of the community and explores opportunities within the local housing market.

The Murilla Community Centre Inc, State Government and community stakeholders work together to explore options to provide low cost housing to low income individuals and families in our Community.

The Housing Support Officer at the Murilla Community Centre can provide assistance with:

  • Completing and lodging applications with the Department of Housing and Public Works, the Department of Communities Bond Loans team, and general tenancy agreements
  • Assisting clients to gather supporting documentation for their above mentioned applications
  • Liaising with the Department of Housing and Public Works
  • Liaise with Real Estate Agents and Land Lords on behalf of the Client
  • Discussing alternative living arrangements where appropriate
  • Collating information and communicating with stakeholders about the housing situation in our community
  • Linking people with local private rentals – when available

Information on Department and Community Housing can be found at: