Community Bus

The Murilla Community Centre owns and operates two community buses in Miles.

The Murilla Community Centre retains a small community bus to transport residents not only within the town parameters but to appointments and functions within the surrounding areas.

There is no local public transport system or taxi services for residents of the township of Miles. Those who are unable to drive or do not have a vehicle, are not able to access the facilities available in the town unless they use the Community bus. One bus is equipped with a wheelchair lifter.

The community bus allows people to:

  • do their shopping and banking
  • visit the doctor, hospital and specialists
  • attend respite
  • socialize with their peers at events and functions
  • attend celebrations and commemorations within the Shire
  • remain independent and active in the community

The Murilla Community Centre provides a twice monthly bus service that transports residents to Toowoomba for specialist medical appointments.

If you would like to book a seat on the bus, please contact the Murilla Community Centre on (07) 4627 2027.